Accredited Since the Mid-90s

MRM Konsult AB's civil and geotechnical engineering laboratorium have been accredited since 1996, (accreditation no.: 1504). The laboratories are accredited for approximately 40 different methods which by a wide margin covers the needs of the market within each laboratory's field of work. For more details, please refer to our price list that you can find at our homepage.

  • That SWEDAC and technical assessors within and geotechnical engineering examine and assess whether the laboratories' accredited measurement methods follow recognised standards.
  • That the measuring equipment is inspected and calibrated.
  • That the staff is highly skilled.
  • That the measurement are done impartially and correctly.
  • Participation in national and international tests.

 What is an Accreditation?

An accreditation issued by SWEDAC attests that the laboratory has had its expertise examined, assessed and confirmed by an independent government body. A decision for accreditation means,inter alia, that the requirements set out in SS-EN 17025 have been satisfied.