Business Policy

We conduct ground soil and environmental studies for official agencies, municipalities, companies and private individuals. Our goal is to offer qualified services that offer the customer the best technical and economic solution. Moreover, we consider care for the environment to be a natural part of our business concept, as within our field of ground soil and environment, we often work to improve environmental conditions.

With a personal reception, we look to form long-term relations with customers, employees and suppliers.

Skill Leads to Quality

In order to ensure the quality of our work, we use relevant methods of the highest class. Errors in processing are minimised by creating smooth procedures and by maintaining a high level of skill among the staff. Promised delivery times for results shall be kept, and no assignment shall be undertaken if the company's impartiality might be compromised. The goal is for the quality of the analyses and other assignments to be at least equal to that which is offered by the best of our competitors.

Thrift and Generosity

Environmental work at MRM Konsult AB shall contribute to a sustainable development and reduce negative effects on the environment. This is done through a very sparing use of non-renewable materials and energy to the greatest degree possible. Before beginning an assignment suspected to result in negative effects on the environment, environmental assessments are done in order to prevent contamination. In this regard, we also make demands of our suppliers of goods and services. In return, we are generous with our environmental knowledge; spreading knowledge about the environment, even beyond our company, is part of what we do.

Keenness for Progress

We see legal statutes and other official requirements as a mere minimum for our environmental work, and the quality of our laboratory analyses is secured through the calibration with third parties and/or participation in comparative samples. With the customer in focus, we work for a continual improvement in the quality of our services and in reducing our effect on the environment. That is why we at MRM Konsult AB set goals that help our quality and environmental work to progress. As the involvement and understanding of the staff is vital to success, training and information are priorities.