Environmental Code Management

As an environmental partner, we help you make sure that your business operation meets the requirements set out in the Environmental Code and demanded by the authorities. We adapt the scope and the work input according to your needs, which makes it a cost-effective solution for you; at the same time, you get the advantages of a large company with your "own" expertise in the field of environmental services. 

We offer the following services:

  • Produce a self-monitoring protocol that satisfies the requirements of the Environmental Code, and keep it continually updated thru changes in the legislation.
  • Monitor and inform about news concerning the Environmental Code pertaining to the company and helping with assessments as to how you are affected by these.
  • Assess how environmental legislation is affected by changes in your business operation.
  • Examine new chemicals before you start using them.
  • Create and submit annual reports or environmental reports.
  • Offer advice and information within the field of the environmental services.
  • Prepare permit applications and notifications according to the Environmental Code.
  • Manage your contacts with supervisory authorities and the county councils.
  • Provide training in the Environmental Code and in self-monitoring.
  • Tailor solutions within the fields listed above.