Geotechnical Engineering

MRM works on small and large projects involving geotechnical inquiries and investiagtiions. We strive for a close cooperation with our customers found both within the private and public sectors. We offer consultancy with regard to soil sampling and geotechnical laboratory tests, tests that we perform in our own accredited geotechnical laboratories. MRM works independently with selected sub-consultants for the field work, always in the best interests of the customer. MRM offers the following geotechnical services:

  • Studies to examine the geotechnical conditions of the ground.
  • Design of foundations for buildings and infrastructure.
  • In process geotechnical design, in cooperation with our customers, we work to create customised and resource-efficient geotechnical solutions.
  • Consultation upon questions concerning the handling of soil masses.
  • Design planning management within geotechnical engineering
  • Geotechnical inspections.
  • Project management within geotechnical assignments.
  • Damage investigations, the event of compressions under buildings.
  • Consultancy in connection with geotechnical laboratory tests.


The Fields in which MRM Primarily Specialises within Geotechnical Engineering

  • Sulphide soil handling
  • Leaching tests to assess the soil's acidification potential
  • Geotechnical engineering for marine facilities and dredging
  • Coordination of geotechnical engineering, geophysics and environmental engineering.

The cooperation between experienced geotechnical engineers and MRM's accredited geotechnical laboratory. 


Selection of Completed Projects

  • Soil, environmental and geotechnical investigations for the foundation of a patient hotel, Sunderby Hospital, NLL
  • Swedish Maritime Administration's geotechnical engineer in the Malmporten project, Luleå. Swedish Maritime Administration.
  • Geotechnical engineers for Luleå Harbour in the development of new harbour facilities, Luleå Harbour.
  • Geotechnical and geophysical studies for the dredging of Lövskärs marina, Luleå, Lövskärs Marina Association.
  • Soil and geotechnical investigations for a new de-icing facility for LKAB within the Vitåfors industrial area, EPN Solutions.
  • Geotechnical and environmental engineering for an OTD (Object Technical Description) for a turnkey contract for the rail yard extension at Gransjö, northern Sweden. Swedish Transport Administration and Licab.
  • Geotechnical and geophysical investigation for new landfill areas within the Vitåfors industrial area, LKAB and Geosigma.
  • Geotechnical and geophysical investigation for new terminal at Bergsnäset Luleå, Svensk Cater.

Our broad expertise offer the conditions necessary for us to create cost-effective solutions for our customers.